Antonín Dvořák – Slavonic Dances

Slavonic Dances stood at the beginning of Dvořák's international fame – and to this day the fiery symphonic stylisation of songs and dance of various Slavic nations ranks amongst the popular works of one of the greatest Czech composers. Antonín Dvořák was one of the most distinguished musical composers of all time and internationally the most celebrated and performed Czech composer. His symphonic opuses rank amongst the international classics and are a standard component of all the prestigious productions of symphonic music. To this day the strength of his melodic invention captivates experts and laymen, and astonished his musical contemporaries (Brahms's statement: “Dvořák's themes for his secondary ideas would quite suffice for my main ideas…”). In the past audiences have been able to admire Dvořák's Rusalka at Křižík's fountain. The performance is enhanced by the film projection into the wall of water of the fountain.
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