Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

This cycle of concerts for violin and orchestra is the most celebrated work of the Italian baroque composer. The master's violin sings out the tune of summer at the fountain. The Four Seasons, the 1st to 4th violin concert of Antonio Vivaldi probably originate from 1725. It is divided into four parts, the sonnets spring, summer, autumn and winter. In this Vivaldi describes the course of the whole year. Each season is composed of a number of phrases: spring (birds, creeks, pastoral idyll, rural dance), summer (Zephyr, Boreas, calm, mosquitoes, storm, tempest), autumn (dance, harvest, drunken sleep, hunt, flight), winter (cold, wind, rain, fireplace, on ice). This synonym for Vivaldi's work gains an entirely new character and nuance in connection with the dance of water and lights of Křižík's fountain.
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