Bedřich Smetana - My Country

This cycle of six symphonic poems is one of the great patriotic manifestos, combining the idea of homeland, nation and glory. The programmatic composition is based on Czech myths and celebrates the Czech history, landscape and people – and foresees a glorious future of the Czech nation. At Křižík's fountain you can take in 3 selected poems – Vyšehrad, the mythical seat of the Czech princes and kings, is presented in its former glory and heyday, as well as in its decline in an age of wars and disputes. Vltava: two rivulets joining together into a river flowing through the Czech landscape, passing by a forest hunting ground, a wedding ceremony and a night-time dance of water nymphs; beyond the midsummer currents it flows beneath Vyšehrad and is disappears into the distance. From Czech plains and groves: a depiction of the charming Czech landscape – meadows, forests, singing birds, celebrations brought to life in the rhythm of a polka.
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