Dracula Untold (by Ramin Djawadi)

Before he became Dracula, he was Vlad III, the ruler of a small country called Transylvania which cowered in the shade of the powerful Ottoman Empire. He well knew that any resistance to his powerful neighbour would mean his end. But when the Sultan ‘asks’ him to send a thousand boys including his own son as fresh recruits for the army, he decides to disobey. In order to defeat evil and avert the inevitable, he joins up with a much greater evil. He becomes Dracula. An indestructible demon who can defeat a massive army, and yet who also loses all those his desperate act has protected. Those close to him… A completely new perspective on the world-famous story of Dracula was brought to the silver screen by director, Gary Shore, with charismatic Luke Evans in the title role. Together, they tell of love overcoming personal sacrifice, of fate which wins out even over time. To help their story, master move scorer, Ramin Djawadi of Duisburg, Germany was recruited. He studied at Berklee College of Music , graduating in 1988 with a ‘summa cum laude’ honorary diploma (the highest of three levels used by certain American schools). His talent was noticed by composer, Hans Zimmer, who brought him to the Remote Control Productions studio in Los Angeles. Djawadi wrote a number of scores from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but he subsequently made music totally independently for hits such as Iron Man and Clash of the Titans, and in particular for a number of cult television serials, of which we should at least mention Prison Break (nominated for an Emmy Award), Breakout Kings and especially Game of Thrones. And now, Ramin Djawadi’s music is to be heard in the totally unique environment that is Křižík’s Fountain, where accompanied by water and light effects it will awaken the immortal story of brave Dracula – a count who sold his body and soul for love.
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