F. Mercury & M. Caballé – Barcelona

Songs from an album combining two musical worlds: rock and opera. The first singer from the group Queen sang an anthem for the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, together with a Spanish opera diva; on the album we also find the songs La Japonaise, Ensueno, Golden boy etc. In its time the stark voice of the eccentric hothead Freddie Mercury in connection with the classical singing of the opera singer Montserrat Caballé provided an unforgettable performance. For several seasons this experience has been supported by a unique presentation at Křižík's fountain. The voice of Montserrat Caballé is unforgettable for its purity, precision and power, Freddy Mercury for his range, popularity and stormy life. In connection with Křižík's fountain audiences gain an entirely new experience in the company of these stars.
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