Il Divo (selection)

Il Divo ("Male diva" in Italian) is an international opera-pop vocal band which records for Sony BMG. Il Diva is made up of four members: Carlos Marín, Urs Bühler, David Miller and Sébastien Izambard. The band has received the Artist of the decade award in the Royal Albert Hall. They also received a number of other awards – for instance for their multi-platinum debut album in 2004. Their other successful albums include „Ancora“, „Siempre“ and „The Promise“. Il Divo remain fully loyal to their artistic mission: to share their passion for music and their belief that music can unite people with the whole world. They now present a non-traditional connection with Krizik's fountain, which will give a new dimension to their work. These evenings will certainly become a strong argument demonstrating that the opera has not been forgotten and can recapture and touch hearts and invoke passion.
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