Queen – Goodbye, Freddie

Immortal ballads – the best compositions of Freddy Mercury, the first pop Star of Indian origin, and his group Queen, which maintained its position at the top for two decades. Mercury died in November 1991. Queen was a legendary British pop-rock group formed in London in 1970. The original line-up of the group was guitarist Brian May, singer Freddie Mercury and drummer Roger Taylor, who were joined a year later by bassist John Deacon. On 19 February 1971 they first appeared together with other musicians under the name “Queen”. The group did not break up even after the death of Freddy Mercury in 1991 or after the departure of John Deacon. With new singer Paul Rodgers (starting in 2005) they have been appearing under the name Queen + Paul Rodgers. We recall the greatest hits of this group in an innovative connection with Křižík's fountain.
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