Stars in the Opera (Brightman, Dion, Bocelli, Jenkins, Safina ...)

Angelic voices full of unbridled emotions, the real stars in their field, singers who turn each and every song into a golden treasure at the end of the rainbow. All of these are characteristics of performers whose songs appear in Krizik's Fountain for the first time in 2013. The English sopranist, actor, dancer and musical diva Sarah Brightman debuted with disco signals, and retains a strong position in several music charts. The Canadian Céline Dion, a holder of several Grammys and Junos and occasional songwriter, began establishing herself in the early eighties of the twentieth century. She reached international fame in the nineties. The blind Italian tenor singer Andra Bocelli is a very popular performer of classical as well as popular music with younger and older generations alike. He has also worked with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra on his tours. The delicate Katherine Jenkins, a mezzosopranist from Wales, is a popular performer who captivates her audience with a wide range of opera arias, popular songs, and her presentation of church songs in musical theatres. Barbara Streisand, a performer from New York, has many talents. She's a singer, an actress in movies and theatres, a songwriter, a political activist, a film producer and a director, and has won the hearts of many fans. She holds several Oscars from the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, several Emmys and Grammys and several Golden Globes. Alessandro Safina is a new star among Italian opera tenorists. His career took a high rise in the early 21st century. He combines his knowledge of opera with modern pop music, with inspirations from bands such as Genesis, The Clash, Simple Minds and U2. His version of well-known songs have received a number of awards and may now be enjoyed on a single, magical evening, at a single place, accompanied with a magical performance of water, light and motion picture.
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