The name’s Bond, James Bond

The stories of British secret agent, 007, working for Britain’s MI6 secret service, were created by writer Ian Fleming in 1952. Since then, Bond’s charm, bravery and loyalty have remained unchanged, and each film is adorned with dangerous and beautiful women. 007 has been played by six actors to date - Sean Connery (6 films), George Lazenby (1 film), Roger Moore (7 films), Timothy Dalton (2 films), Pierce Brosnan (4 films) and Daniel Craig (4 films). Its creators take the same care as they do in selecting a ‘Bond Girl’ in choosing the theme song for each film. These include hits such as ‘GoldenEye’ (Tina Turner), ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ (Sheryl Crow), ‘The World Is Not Enough’ (Garbage), ‘Die Another Day’ (Madonna), ‘Skyfall’ (Adele) and ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ (Sam Smith). Now, all the most recent songs can be heard at Křižík’s Fountain in one incredible set, along with extra pieces from the soundtracks from the pens of the best composers. Revel in these songs with the special effects and breathtaking show which Křižík’s Fountain’s unique renditioning allows. Don’t miss out on that moment when the words ‘Bond, James Bond’ ring out into the dark.

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