Tristan and Isolde

Many believe that this story actually took place….

This romantic story tells the tale of Tristan and Isolde, whose love has survived through the ages in legends. According to the ancient Celtic legend the young warrior Tristan is immeasurably devoted to his uncle Marke. He obtains the beautiful Isolde for his uncle, but then his heart is broken because of her. The betrayal of Melot, Tristan's best friend, reveals their love... This tragic epos of immortal love, betrayal, hatred, sorrow and death is elaborated and filmed on the theme of a medieval Breton poem and music by Miloslav Janíček, with the texts of the songs and dialogues written by Ivan Hladík. The Prague Theatre Ballet performs to the original musical recording. The production is enhanced by the film projection into the wall of water of the fountain.
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